The Mala Shop

Welcome to the Mala Shop! 

I’m so excited you are here to shop these amazing, hand-made Malas! These Mala’s have been inspired by my many travels to India, an amazing country that has become a second home to me. I was inspired to create a series of Malas with the best stones, hand-picked just for you. All of these malas are hand-made in Jaipur, India from a quality craftsman who hand-tied each mala with 100% real silk thread and tassel. Not only are they beautiful but created to last!

All of these Malas have been blessed with sacred water from the River Ganges in India, the Chalice Well in England and Lourdes in France. I’ve also charged these Mala’s with Reiki love, just for you!

What is a mala?
A Mala, also known as Buddhist Prayer Beads, is 108 beads and one Guru bead at the end. Used to help count the chanting of a mantra (prayer). 

One of the most common Tibetan Mantras is the “Om Mani Padme Hum”, loosely meaning “the jewel in the lotus” and brings in the energy of compassion when working with it. However, these Mala’s will work with any mantra that is calling to you!

Blessings of Spirit, Healing and Love!
Lauren Rainbow